The magic of comfortable heating

Small things that make a big difference

Installed Heating

Dimlex Top

DIMPLEX TOP is a slimline and wall mounted convector with solid heater and vertical air outlets. The control box is equipped with sensor buttons and many functions and modes. The sophisticated temperature control as well as the noiseless performance ensure maximum comfort. Wi-Fi option is available either.

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A name you can trust

Dimplex was established in Ireland, in 1973 and has become one of the biggest producers of electric heating systems. The progress of the company is due to the various brands investment as well as the innovative approach of the chief executives. The company consequently merged with a number of different companies and reached 1.5 billion euro annual turnover, possessing many factories, located on each continent with more than 8500 employees.  


The power of experience

Bussiness inspiration resulting in innovative solutions. Dimplex brings comfort in your home, heating up the room quickly and keeping it warm as long as you wish.