Cassette 250

The Cassette 250 is the smallest of the Dimplex Cassettes Series.Yet, it offers the same, revolutionary Optimyst® fire and smoke effect, with free floating
flames, made of cold water vapour and LED light: safe to reach out and touch, and with a truly three dimensional fire effect. Surprisingly easy to install as well, in nearly any space or furniture object, only requiring a socket and a periodic water refill. In a table or cabinet or on a pedestal?  Just let your imagination run
free, and enjoy watching this great little fire!

• Due to its small size it can be placed in almost any place in the home
• Ideal for installation in furniture, worktops and other creative and decorative purposes
• Easy refillable water tank, one fill lasts for about 5-6 hours of fire effect
• Atmospheric, comfortable and user-friendly
• Log set available as an accessory