Dimplex 403 BT 3000W

  • Elegant design
  • LCD display
  • Multi- functional control box
  • Bluetooth remote control
Модел Мощност Цвят Размери  Ш х В х Д  Отопляема площ Цена
Dimplex 403 BT 3000 W Бял 73.3 x 44.2 x 20 см.   до 30 м2 270 лв.
Dimplex 403 BTB 3000 W Черен 73.3 x 44.2 x 20 см. до 30 м2 270 лв.

Mobile convector with stitched heating element and multi- functional LCD display. This unit is designed to be used in various cases. The smart ECO mode will automatically select the heat output accordingly. The integrated programmer and the BOOST mode will bring the comfort in your home. The color options of the LCD display help you to monitor the operation mode of the convector visually. If you download the mobile app REMO, your smartphone will remotely control the heater.   

  • Electrical cut-out
  • Power mode output selection- ECO, 1000W,3000W
  • Color options- white/ anthracite  
  • Standing kit
  • Integrated carry handles
  • Heat-resistant coating