Dimplex Cadiz

  • Two models- 2000W/3000W
  • Power selection option - 2000W-1000W or 3000W-1150W
  • Digital control box
  • Remote control
Модел Мощност Размери  Ш х В х Д  Отопляема площ Цена
Dimplex Cadiz 2 000 W 62 x 61 x 25 см.   до 20 м2 438 лв.
Dimplex Cadiz 3 000 W 77 x 61 x 25 см.   до 30 м2 498 лв.

Dimplex Eco Cadiz is a portable radiator with twin MICA heating element. The heating element is a radiant and in combination with the massive body of the unit, produces gentle and smooth heating. The design of the heater allows you to use the left, right or both sides of the radiator. The digital display and all the functions and modes including the remote control option, make the unit suitable for any usage- permanent or contemporary

  • Twin MICA heating element
  • Standing kit and castors
  • Electric cut- out
  • Heat- resistant coating
  • Compact design