Dimplex Top Low

  • Slim design
  • Only one power output option- 1000W
  • Digital control box
  • Integrated weekly timer
  • Exchangeable control box- Wi-Fi option
  • Solid low- temperature heating element
  • Harmless surface temperature
  • Heat- resistant coating
Модел Мощност Размери  Ш х В х Д  Отопляема площ Цена
Dimplex Top нисък 1000 W 132.5 x 20 x 9 см.   7 - 13 м2 348 лв.

This radiator has elegant and slim design with multi-functional control box. The digital panel equipped with sensor buttons is easy to operate and allows you to set the desired temperature and select the mode as well as the relevant function. There are 9 pre-set programs available with the standard control box, which could be easily replaced by another with Wi-Fi options. The Wi-Fi box goes with additional appliances which will turn your home, office or holiday house into a smart one.  

  • Vertical heat outlet
  • Solid wall- bracket
  • Exchangeable control box
  • Mobile kit with castors
  • Electrical cut-out
  • IP 24