Dimplex EvoRad 2000W

  • Comact design
  • Color options- white and anthracite
  • Heating system- dry technology (no oil filled in the radiator)
  • 3 power selection options- ECO,2000W, 800W
  • LCD display
Модел Мощност Цвят Размери  Ш х В х Д  Отопляема площ Цена
Dimplex EvoRad BT 2000 W Бял 49 х 65.4 х 30.3 см. до 20 м2 384 лв.
Dimplex EvoRad BTB 2000 W Черен 49 х 65.4 х 30.3 см. до 20 м2 408 лв.

Elegant and unique heating unit, produced and designed under the new dry technology. The radiator has all the advantageous features of the oil- filled but due to the dry technology, any potential leakage is avoided. The unit is lighter and much more maneuverable. The solid heating element provides smooth and gentle heating. The multi- functional control box allows you to set the desired temperature and control it with remarkable accuracy.

  • Multi- functional control box
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Electric cut- out
  • Standing kit with castors 
  • Heat resistant coating